During the course of business transactions, disputes can arise. While these disagreements and/or tensions can be resolved outside of the courtroom through skilled efforts in mediation, arbitration and negotiation, litigation is sometimes required. In this instance, whether you are an individual who has a legal dispute with a business or a business with a dispute against another business, you want the guidance and counsel of experienced, strategic attorneys who understand your objectives.  If you are involved in a business dispute, whether as a plaintiff or defendant, it is important that your legal team understands when to take a case to trial, and when to settle outside of the courtroom.

When Do I Need To Hire A Business Litigation Attorney?

The possible scenarios for business to business or individual to business disputes are almost boundless. Examples include an investor who believes he has been subjected to financial loss due to unethical behavior, an infringement upon a patent or trademark, matters of insurance law and coverage disputes, breach of fiduciary duty or contract, among many others. Since business litigation can be extremely time-consuming, complex and threaten your business’s bottom line, having an skilled legal team representing your interests is imperative.

Business Litigation Practice Areas

Business litigation covers a wide range of business-related disputes and the seasoned attorneys at Pacific Trial Attorneys are prepared to handle any potential business disagreement that may arise. 

Breach of Contract

Written contracts are an essential aspect of almost every business transaction. When they are violated or breached, the problems they were designed to prevent are realized. We work with you to enforce the terms of your business agreement and require the breaching party to honor their commitment.

Business Fraud

Business fraud goes beyond an ordinary breach of contract situation. Generally speaking, fraud exists in a business transaction when there are either material false statements by one side, which the other side relies upon to its harm, or intentional omissions of material facts by one side. Unfortunately, there are an unlimited number of ways that business fraud can occur in a business transaction. Business fraud often happens in transactions involving the purchase and sale of a business, real estate transactions, and many contractual disputes.

Contract Interference

When there is a conflict between two parties, one can most always find a third party that is subversively eroding the relationship, otherwise known as contract interference. The affected party can bring a cause of action against the third party to recover damages.

Disputes Between Businesses

Disputes between businesses are bound to arise and when they do, they must be rapidly and effectively dealt with. The longer they take to resolve, the more your business’s financial well-being is threatened.

Partnership Lawsuits

Disputes between partners can be based upon a wide range of issues. The partners may agree to end the partnership, but are unable to agree on the terms of the buyout. Or perhaps one partners feels another partner violated a fiduciary duty.
When partners disagree on key matters, it is essential to bring about a swift resolution. The partnership is the source of the business and when it is vulnerable, so is the business.

Trademark Infringement

Trademarks provide a legal avenue to protect a business’s intellectual property, goodwill, and brand. They also serve the purpose of providing consumers certainty about the source of goods. If you believe that a competitor is infringing on your business’s trademark, you need to take immediate action to put an end it — Your bottom line depends on it.

Unfair Competition

In California, unfair competition essentially involves deceptive or false advertising of products, violation of non-compete agreements, and a handful of other deceitful practices that erode the fundamental principles of honest business. The state’s “Unfair Competition Law”, or “UCL”, protects consumers and businesses from “any unlawful, unfair or fraudulent business act or practice and unfair, deceptive, untrue or misleading advertising and any {prohibited} act.

Our Commitment to Clients

Our team of seasoned business litigation lawyers at Pacific Trial Attorneys Firm have successfully represented and defended clients in business litigation disputes. What’s more, we handle only those cases where we believe strongly enough in our clients’ position that we will share their risk of loss. Contact us today to discuss your business litigation issue.